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PoWeR 93.3, #1 Top 40 Station of 2010

Posted by dm-music on February 12, 2011 at 5:11 PM

  As of Friday 11 February 2011, VPWW of Naitasia City, was awarded Best Top 40 Station of The Year. Power 93.3 had started as a Rhythmic Top 40 station in 2008 to compete with long-live station VNAI-105VN (now MIX 105).


  Majority of the audience in the Naitasian market started shifting away from 105VN when that station changed to a Pop 40 format (even though it was still under HTZ Top 40 panel). Disc jockeys Maring West (VKIS Van Dover) and Alicia "The Lock" Watson (HTBB Kettlewood) agreed to start a new station that would play more music than VNAI. It would center around the original HTZ/Top 40 format, include more rhythmic hits from 50 Cent, T.I. and Blossom, and come with better radio shows (something 105VN dropped in 2007).


  In February 2006, VXUL (93 The BUZZ) became a publicity stunt, as it called itself "Pop/Rock radio", composing alternative rock, pop rock, and mainstream rock radio. However, the ratings went downhill. The image of the station was poor; 103.7ROCK (VXUK, now VVNO) beat the The BUZZ. By 2008, the station finally dropped the pop/rock format and changed itself to a Rhythmic HTZ format.


  On 3 February 2008, the station changed callsign to VPWW, naming itself PoWeR 93.3, and the first song played was Ching-A-Ling by Missy Elliot. PoWeR started playing The-Dream, Blossom, and T.I., while it played Jordin Sparks, Nickelback and Destruction Derby to compete with VNAI. During it's 2 years of running, it beat 105VN's ratings, causing the station to change to similar format as MIX 105.


  In 2009, it was awarded the #1 Station for The Most Music. However, it became the 5th best HTZ station of 2009. Its website and shows in the mornings and weekends has spurred across the world. By 2010, more than 4 million people around the world were listening to "Naitasia City's New #1 for All the Hits." In competition as best Top 40 station, VKIS (97-9 KISS-FM in Van Dover) has been the #1 in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009. 97-9 has over the years changed its format back and forth from HTZ/Top 40 to Rhythmic.


  Although both stations are Rhythmic-leaning, the playlists beats out VAPW, HPTY, and VMMY. VKIS has played 27 more songs than VPWW. However, the fairly new station has accommined more audience. Even audience from 97-9 listen to 93.3. This is one major fact that makes these stations similar. Both are owned by RadioLover, the 2nd best broadcasting company in the world, after DM Radio, and RadioLover is the 2nd largest, after DM Radio. Before October 2009, PoWeR 93.3 was owned by DM Radio. But because of Royal McCollum's Leave-without-Pay year, it was given to RadioLover.


  Based upon the most songs played and the latest songs, VPWW won by 10 songs. However, VKIS won based upon the most audience and the best morning show (In The Mornings with Keith and Stacey). On 12 October 2010, PoWeR 93.3 dropped Daniel Burnes & Love, and simulcasted In The Mornings with Keith and Stacey. Naitasia City now stands tall with the best Top 40 in the world.


  Visit DM-MUSIC to see a playrole/playlist of VKIS and VPWW.

*PoWeR 93.3 was granted a class up. Now, it's a Class C0 station, not C3/B1 anymore.



  1. VKIS--97-9 KISS FM (Van Dover) (6.3 million)
  2. VPWW--PoWeR 93.3 (Naitasia City) (4.96 million)
  3. HNDG--G100.1 (Gay City) (4.87 million)
  4. HPAR--104.5 Party FM (LM City 1) (4.82 million)
  5. VKCT--103.5 KCT (Little Baby) (4.4 million)


  1. VPWW--PoWeR 93.3 (Naitasia City)
  2. VKIS--97-9 KISS FM (Van Dover)
  3. VBWK--100.3VBWK (Tinkewinky)
  4. HBAE--95.5 BAY FM (Bay City, LM)
  5. HBKS--95.9 Kiss-FM (Gay City)

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